Bernardazzi, the architect

Plaque on Chisinau City Hall

Alexander Bernardazzi was a Russian architect of Swiss-Italian origin who was born into a family of architects in Pyatigorsk, Russia. His first job as an architect was as the city architect of Chisinau, Moldova. While in Moldova he designed and built a total of 50 buildings over his 22 years working for Chisinau, some of these buildings include those of the Manuc Bei Complex in Hincesti, the City Hall in Chisinau, the History and Ethnographic Museum in Chisinau, among various other works. Sadly, many of his architectural pieces were destroyed during World War II.

Even after he moved on to his next position as the city architect of Odessa, Ukraine, he still continued to help the development of Chisinau through road and sewer construction and helping with the planning of various buildings.

His love of Chisinau and Moldova even extended into the afterlife as he stipulated in his will that he was to be buried there.

The original look of Chisinau City Hall before it was reconstructed after WWII

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