Some great news concerning our project…We’ve won 23.5 million MDL (roughly 2 million USD or 1.5 million Euro) towards the reconstruction! While this is only a small part of what we will need to complete this project, every little bit puts us closer to restoring the complex to its former glory! Thank you all for your continued support on this project.


Armenian Diaspora in Romania

Armenian Diaspora in Romania

Our project to restore the Manuc Bei Complex was written about and featured on a news site for the Armenian Diaspora in Romania! We would like to thank them for their support and their shared vision of restoring these once great buildings back to their intended state!

Talking to an expert

I recently was talking to an expert on the history of Manuc Bei, but sadly it was only in passing as I was on the way to another meeting and couldn’t sit down and talk to him.

He did tell me some interesting things however, some of which is in this blog already. Some interesting things that were relayed to me:

Manuc Bei was friends with Emperor Alexander I of Russia and the famous Russian poet Alexander Pushkin. Both visited Hincesti and spent time at the Manuc Bei complex. Additionally, Hincesti was known throughout Europe at the time due to its excellent location and Manuc’s influence. From Turkey to Russia to Serbia, Hincesti was a well known city.

Pretty cool, isn’t it?

US Ambassador to Moldova tours Manuc Bei

US Ambassador to Moldova William H. Moser is met by Raion President Grigore Cobzac

On Friday, August 10, 2012, the U.S. Ambassador to Moldova visited Hincesti and one of the things he did was to take a tour of the Museum of Ethnography and Natural History that is housed in the Hunting Castle and also of the rest of the Manuc Bei Complex.

On the tour, the ambassador asked many questions and was genuinely interested in the history of Hincesti, Manuc Bei, and Moldova. We were excited to host him and we can’t wait for him to see the complex after restoration!