Hînceşti, the city and region

Click the image to go to the Consiliul Raional Hincesti (in Romanian) website.

Hincesti is a town located in the Raion, or region, of the same name, Hincesti. The town has a population of roughly 17,000 and the raion as a whole has 122,000, which makes it the 3rd largest raion in the Republic of Moldova. Hincesti is roughly 40 km from Chisinau and is bordered by the raions of Nisporeni, Straseni, Ialoveni, Cimislia and Leova, in addition to the Prut River which separates Moldova from Romania. The town is named after a famous Moldovan, Mihalcea Hincu, who was born in the region, who rebelled against the Phanariote Greeks.

In addition to the Manuc Bei Complex, there are other architectural monuments in the city of Hincesti. There are busts of the national poet Mihai Eminescu and the great hero of Moldova Stefan cel Mare, and a statue dedicated to Grigore Kotovski (whom the city was named after between the years 1945 and 1990) who was a famous Red Army war hero during the Russian Civil War. The city is set upon a series of a hills and between two of these hills is a beautiful lake where citizens of Hincesti can take advantage of free public wi-fi.

Historically, Hincesti has been important for trade between Europe and Asia as it, at one time, was the only trade route between the two. This route was known as the “Moldavia Road” and the important crossroad, where 5 roads met, named “Rohatca” is located in the town. Even today Hincesti remains in perfect location for travel as one of the border customs points to Romania lies in the village of Leuseni and there are multiple international roads passing through the region.






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