Countess Dolgoruky’s House, Watchtower, and fence

Countess Dolgoruky’s House is a building made of two layers of brick and wood, with a 4-5 m deep basement. Over the years the building has developed a crack from the base to the roof. Rain water has entered under the base of the foundation, and has caused uneven subsidence of the foundation.

Across the street from the house, and between the house and the palace, was a fountain. In the yard is the entrance to the underground that stretches to the far corners of the city. Today some residents use the underground tunnels as cellars, while other parts are sometimes collapsed.

The current state of the watchtower


The watchtower has been partly preserved, but today the top is destroyed. It is said that originally the tower was designed by the architect to have no roof but

Artistic rendering of how the watchtower should look

galvanized roofing was later installed after they noticed that the tower began to fall apart due to atmospheric influence. Of interesting note, the architect repeated the design of this tower in the design of the guard tower of the Hunting Castle. To the left of the guard tower there was a large brick fence and to the right there was a semi-enclosed, brick, spiral staircase. The fence was 300 meters and designed in three levels with arabesques, was built of polished limestone, white stone, and a background of raw stone. This fence was reinforced with red brick pillars.

It is assumed that the front fence served only to beautify the building complex. The sides and rear of the palace were surrounded by a large red brick fence, beautifully constructed with openings similar to the old city walls.

Originally written by: Tudor Plăcintă

Translated and edited into English by: Matthew Hundemann


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