The Hunting Castle

How the castle looks today

The Hunting Castle was built in 1881 by architect Alexander Bernardazzi. It is an architectural monument of the 19th century. The castle is done in a French style, and the walls of the castle are made of red brick with reliefs of hunting themes. There is also a spiral staircase, guard towers and surveillance platforms.  It is worth noting that Bernadazzi repeated this project when building a villa in Odessa, Ukraine.

In the postwar years, the castle was used for several purposes, including the headquarters of the farm forestry. During the restoration of the Hunting Castle in the years 1977-1978, the restoration included deviations from the original plan. The changes were due to the restorers not having the original architectural plans illustrating the initial draft of the house.

In 1975, inside the premise of the Hunting Castle was located the Museum of History and Ethnography of Hincesti. The official opening of the exhibition took place in 1979 and it soon became a museum and institution of science and enlightenment. It is meant to reflect the true history of the population and the formation of the district from ancient times until the present through specific museum exhibitions (such as those of material and spiritual culture, art, etc.).

Today the museum consists of about 22 thousand pieces, such as: collections of archeology, ethnography, religious books, documents and documentation of the history of the district (photos, documents, newspapers, etc.), stuffed animals and birds. The oldest exhibits are fragments of the femur, tibia and mammoth tooth and horn fragments of a noble stag and a wild horse found in villages Bălceana and Bujor.

Originally written by: Tudor Plăcintă

Translated and edited into English by: Matthew Hundemann


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